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Columbia City Connect fosters community and economic development through

projects that design, promote, organize, and fund the effort to energize our downtown.


Columbia City Connect encourages the revitalization and restoration of our downtown.

The program provides technical assistance and education opportunities

to downtown businesses. Columbia City Connect is affiliated with the Indiana Main Street

and the National Main Street Center.  Indiana Main Street has an approach

which assists communities in their revitalization efforts and Columbia City Connect

has adapted this approach to help improve our downtown community.


Niki Keister
Executive Director

Katy Fry
First Friday's Coordinator

Kayla Wigent

Don Mockler
Vice President

Kevin Jordan

Teresa White

Matt Shipman 
Board Member

Nick Brewer
Board Member

Chip Hill
Board Member

Olivia Hinen
Board Member

Kennedy Saggars
Board Member

Derek Crosson
Board Member


Design: Provides tangible improvements to downtown that you can see, touch and feel. 

Enhancing the physical appearance of the commercial district by rehabilitating historic buildings, encouraging supportive new construction, developing sensitive design management systems and long-term planning. The look of downtown, its streets, signs, buildings and store interiors are unique to each Indiana community. Main Street's goal is to work with all these elements to create a friendly, attractive place that will draw in visitors and businesses.  


Organization: The backbone of the organizational structure (Board) .

Building consensus and cooperation among many groups and individuals involved in the revitalization process. To ensure a self-radiant, board based, long-lasting downtown revitalization program, the entire community must rally around the idea. Cooperation from both the public and the private sector is critical to achieving visible results. In addition, a separate staff and business solely dedicated to downtown revitalization is key to achieving long-term, large-scale results. 



Promotion: Fosters downtown and downtown tourism.

Marketing the commercial district's assets to customers, potential investors, businesses, local citizens, and visitors. To keep investors, visitors, and businesses coming downtown, Main Street must reshape the community perspective of downtown as a hub of activity. Successful downtown image campaigns, as well as promotional activities that build upon the community's unique heritage and culture, send a consistent compelling message promoting the downtown area.   



Economic Restructuring: Assets existing downtown business and assets with attracting new businesses. 

Strengthening the districts existing economic base while finding ways to expand it to meet new opportunities and challenges from outlying development. Main Street's ultimate goal is to create downtowns that are economically viable. Researching the regional market and consumer trends give the Main Street organization a realistic picture of what market mix will work for their downtown. Based on their research, Main Street organization can begin stabilizing businesses and recruiting new businesses to fill the gaps.  


If you have a passion for community involvement, and you feel

you can be an asset to Columbia City Connect, please contact us today. 

We are always looking for new insights and volunteers! 

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